Miks ma vehklen punase maskiga?

Mäng oli see siis ja mäng on see siiani. Ainult panused on teised
Usun ka sellesse, et iga ühest võib saada see, kes ta soovib olla – tuleb ainult piisavalt aega ja energiat sellesse pühendada. Eeskujud aitavad sihte seada ja sihte hoida ning aeg ajalt on tore meenutada, kuidas kõik alguse sai ning kui palju vahepeal on muutunud, kuid ometigi on midagi jäänud ka samaks – mask on mul juba algusest peale olnud punast värvi

It all started as a game and it’s still a game for me. Only the bets are higher
I also believe that one can get what he wants to be – you only need enough time and energy to devote to it. The role models help us to set goals and keep track of it. It’s always nice to remember how it all started and how much has changed in the meantime, but still something remains the same – the mask has been red from the beginning .

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